cARTie's 2020 Virtual Exhibition

Spring 2020, cARTie put out a call for submissions to high school art students from across the state of Connecticut. More than 18 original works of art were submitted, and the following seven, from Berlin, Bridgeport, New Fairfield, Norwalk, Thomaston, Ridgefield, and Wamogo were selected by cARTie's Board of Directors to be featured in the organization's first ever virtual exhibition. As part of the application process, student-artists reflected on their own early museum memories and shared the impact they hope their works of art are able to have. Reaching PreK-2 audiences not only motivated these student-artists, but inspired their artistic pursuits.


Together, these pieces are a testament to the value of picking up a pencil, a piece of paper, a stash of paints, a roll of film, a ball of clay, and so forth. With time, attention, and self-motivation, you too can be a spotlighted student-artist!


Click here for family-friendly virtual gallery activity prompts!


Sharpie on Paper, 2020 Brianna “A single dot doesn’t make much, but together they have the strength to make something beautiful.”


Photography, 2020 Summer “Taking a picture is like taking a moment in time and keeping it forever.”

Quarantine Mind

Oil Paint, 2020 Alaana


Spray Paint, 2020 Alejandro “This is actually my senior art piece; my mark left at my high school. I have been playing the violin for 8 years and viola for the 3 years so it made sense to make that the theme. I decided to do spray paint after I realized that the corona virus would cause me to have very little time to finish. It took me a total of three days to finish and the title of my piece corresponds to my senior quote,”Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation.”


Acrylic on Canvas, 2020 Rachel “This is a painting I completed in my art class for a friend. In the lower corner is a lizard outline that my friend had drawn for reference. I decided for a personal touch to add that drawing onto the canvas.”

My Geranium Still Life

Watercolour, 2020 Kevin “It turns out I am continuing my art career. I decided to do Painting 1 before Drawing 2. My first project in painting was the Geranium Still life. I sketched out the flower and started to paint it. I began with the pedals which were honestly the easiest part of the project while the hardest part was the leaves."


Colored Pencil, 2019 Erin “I created this my sophomore year of high school. It was sent to the city hall art show by my teacher.”