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cARTie is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization bridging inequities in education and arts access across Connecticut, and bringing the museum field trip to schools and students directly. It reimagines the museum concept, deconstructs traditional models, and is committed to making sure Connecticut's diverse children feel represented and empowered. To this end, cARTie offers inclusive internship and exhibition opportunities to a diverse population of high school art students and provides critical museum-based learning opportunities that enrich and deepen early education and SEL, while meeting NCCAS and CCSS, to (Pre)K-2 students who otherwise may not have access to robust arts programming.


cARTie recognizes that many existing systems of power grant privilege and access to the arts unequally. cARTie amplifies BIPOC voices, and works to ensure that all children in Connecticut have equitable access to full and vibrant creative lives.



cARTie is fortunate to be founded and directed by individuals each uniquely qualified to bring the project to fruition. All bring an explicit interest in confronting inequities in quality arts education access across Connecticut and a unique perspective and set of ideas. Together, cARTie's leaders are committed to cultural equity and intentionally working to be culturally conscious, anti-racist and anti-inequity allies. As an organization, cARTie recognizes it is not an expert on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion from within leadership, but it strives for a diverse Working Board that is reflective of Connecticut with time.

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Gallery Donors ($10+): Eliza Adams, Margaret Aiken, Stefanie Anarumo, John Bonsignore, Daniel Boudreau, Laurie Bradbury, Julia Braden, Martha Brainard, Lauren Calta, Michaela Cappucci, Emily Clark, Gregory Clark, Julia Clark, Laura Clark, Nupur Daptardar, Michele DelGrande, Addie Downs, Carly Duffy, Julia Endicott, Kurt Endres, Joy Essaghof, Elizabeth Finch, Donna Geiger, Brittany Gilmore, Yarimar Gonzalez, Olivia Hayes, Holly Hawthorn, Loan Heilner, Timothy Hubbard, Cal Inguanti, Haley Jones, Diane Kendal, Lauren Lessing, Adrian Lo, Julia Lo, Zita Lo, Nicholas Lucchesi, Susan Mackenzie, Chloe Mandell, Kathleen Mason, Clare McLeod, Laura Meader, Diana Messer, Patricia Monteferrante, Jay Moore, Elizabeth Murray, Barb Nolan, Linda Paquette, Soonae Pershon, Amanda Piechota, Katherine Pfeiffer, Scott Ruescher, Elizabeth Scott, Eileen Siegfried, Mike Sivo, Lauren Solinsky, Katie Southworth, Sanjana Srinivasan, Katelyn Teague, Marie-Emmanuelle Thomas Hartness, Alexis Vondran, Stephanie Washington, Janella Watson, Lee White, Douglas Winkel, Martha Winkel, Ellen Winner, Andrea Yankovich, Zoe Kingsley

Gem Donors ($100+): Sapna Arvid, Richard Breault, John Conlon, Ruth Conlon, Sharon Corwin, Michael Donihue, Patricia Endres, Talia Fossa, Timothy Fossa, Patrice Franko, Angela Gallagher, Michael Gallagher, Robert Lester, Ryan Loechner, David Odo, Michael Scott, Tom Turner, Gillian Wei, Gwyneth Wei, Kenny Wei Chi Kuan

Masterpiece Donors ($250+): Clare Murray, Jim Murray, Mary Van Miller

In Memory of Donations

Amy Whitaker for Elaine Whitaker

In Honor of Donations

Nicholas Cass for Cal Inguanti

Allen Magnussen for Cal Inguanti

Clare Murray for Anne Murray



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